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Metric Motors is one of a very limited number of NitroFill stations in Putnam County NitroFill is a nitrogen tire inflation product that is guaranteed to provide the benefits of high purity nitrogen inflation to your tires. NitroFill was selected and remains the sole nitrogen tire inflation product used in our Nation’s fleet of B2 bombers. Over the past decade, NitroFill has developed and patented a series of specialized nitrogen generation and conversion stations designed specifically for the automotive service industry. As a result, genuine NitroFill is now available at Metric Motors of Hopewell Junction, so that we can provide you with the many benefits of high purity nitrogen inflation.

What is NitroFill?

NitroFill is a compressed gas that replaces the air in your tires.  It is safer than air and has a slower permeation process.  Unlike air, NitroFill can be compressed to a greater degree before it reaches its vaporization pressure.  NitroFill is non-flammable and will not corrode your tires.

Why NitroFill?

The benefits of using NitroFill include improved fuel economy, improved tire life and increased tire safety.

Can I Put Air in Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

The short answer is yes.

However, we do not recommend mixing air with nitrogen as this will dilute the purity of nitrogen and lessen its effectiveness.

Still, mixing compressed air with nitrogen will not harm your tires, nor will it result in an adverse chemical reaction.

Do I Still Need to Check My Tire Pressures with NitroFill?

Absolutely!  Although you will find your tire pressures to be more consistent (even in dramatic temperature changes), it is always recommended to check your vehicle regularly and perform regular maintenance to ensure your safety and extend the life of your vehicle.

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When you buy tires from Metric Motors, you can be certain that you are getting the best price possible, backed by our 150% refund guarantee. You can also be sure that you are having your new tires mounted and balanced by the best installers around. We pride ourselves in doing the best job possible to get you and your vehicle on the road quickly and safely.

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