Automotive Sales Representative: Holmes, NY

*$10,000 SIGN-ON BONUS

Tired of hearing this every day?

This is your way out.

"You're not making enough money!"

"You're always complaining about your job."

"We can't even afford a family vacation this year!"


Feel underappreciated and undercompensated?

Join a company that rewards top performers.

Want to be in control of your earnings?

Be the boss of your own income.

Want a work family that shares your values?

Ditch the corporate nonsense.

Want to invest in your family's future?

We offer everything you need to provide for your family's present and save for the future.


  • You will experience controlresponsibility and a challenge.
  •  It’s an investment in your family‘s present and future.
  • Your earnings are set by you.
  • You will be part of a team with common values and goals.
  • It gives talented salespeople the ability to financially excel while maintaining work-life balance.
  • You do NOT need prior automotive experience to thrive in auto sales. All you need are strong people skills and the desire for MORE in your career.


*$10,000 SIGN-ON BONUS

We are not afraid to compensate top performers for their hard work and dedication to our bottom line. We offer high earning and career potential, competitive compensation packages with weekly & quarterly bonuses, quality medical and dental insurance plans PLUS contribution, paid holidays & vacation, on-site training, and retirement packages (401K) with a 10% match-- just to name a few.

But those are just words, right?
One of our top sales performers, who was a career bartender before joining our team, earned an average of $123,457 a year for 11 years straight. No kidding.


Metric Motors is NOT your regular Service Center. For 42 years, Metric Motors has been Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester County’s go-to Service Center, or “the dealer alternative,” as our customers say. We stand for only the highest quality and professionalism in both our work and team. We aren’t just coworkers, we are a family with shared goals and values. Together, we work to maintain our 5 star reputation. Our third expansion is now underway, which will expand our repair facility, as well as introduce an array of new services.

Bottom line: it's a great company + team to be a part of. Ask anyone.


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    Job Title

    Sales Representative 

    Job Description

    You do NOT need prior automotive experience to succeed in this role. All you need is strong people skills and a desire for more in a career.
    • Are you a driven person with exceptional people skills?
    We have everything a talented salesperson desires in a job, and more.
    • Feeling underappreciated and undercompensated?
    Join a company that rewards top performers like no other.
    • Want to be in control of your earnings?
    Be the boss of your own income.
    • Want a work family that shares your values?
    Ditch the corporate nonsense. Join a top performing work family.
    • Want to invest in you and your family’s future?
    We equip you with everything you need to provide for your family’s present and save for the future.
    We Need a Superstar Like You:
    Nothing happens without a sale. Our 5 Star reputation doesn’t come easily, and that’s why top sales performers are critical to our success. They are the key to driving sales volume with superior customer service and persuasive selling. People DON’T buy from people they don’t like and trust. That is the bottom line.
    We Recognize and Reward Talent & Productivity With:
    • High earning and career potential
    • Above industry average compensation
    • Quality medical and dental insurance plans + employer contribution
    • Commission PLUS weekly + quarterly bonuses
    • Paid vacation + holidays
    • Retirement packages (401K) + employer match
    • Hands-on paid training
    This is NOT a job, it’s an investment in the future— YOUR future.
    Visit to learn more about this unique opportunity, or contact us using the contact info below.
    We look forward to hearing from you,
    (845) 878-6807 call/text

    Employment Type


    Work Hours

    8AM-6PM Monday – Friday
    8AM-2PM Saturday

    Date Posted

    August 26, 2021

    Expire Date

    September 20, 2021


    $65,000.00 – $130,000.00 **with a $10,000.00 sign-on bonus

    Max Salary

    No max salary – no cap on earnings. You are in charge of your paycheck. 


    • Sell automotive services and repairs 
    • Develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customer base
    • Drive the operations of the Facility through effective sales and customer service


    • Exceptional people skills
    • Clear, effective and persuasive communication skills
    • Able to multi-task and handle challenging situations
    • Proficient computer and typing skills


    • A track record of upward movement
    • Always seeking personal and professional growth.

    Education Requirements

    • High School Diploma
    Although higher education has its benefits, we do not believe one is defined by their level of education. Rather, one is defined by their drive, work-hard, and hunger to grow and take on further responsibility.  

    Experience Requirements

    NONE: any person that is driven and enjoys working with people can thrive in Automotive Sales. 

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