Car Air con Recharge

A/C Special!
Test & Record Vent Temps
Inspect Components for Visible Leaks
Gauge & Record Freon Pressure
*One Discount per Purchase. Most Cars. Must Present Coupon at Time of Drop-off.

The worst time to find out that your Car’s air conditioning needs repair is during a 100-degree heatwave in. Metric Motors will have your vehicles A/C blowing ice cold air in no time. One of the main reasons that your ac “loses its charge” is that over time, your AC refrigerant levels can become low, losing their ability to blow sufficient cold air.

At Metric Motors, we check your vehicle’s AC fluid level and replenish it to the correct levels. This is our first line of defense in maintaining your air conditioning system. This service also helps prevent condenser and/or compressor failure, which can turn into a much costlier repair. Mold and mildew that grow inside the dark, damp evaporator of the air conditioning system can decrease the quality of air circulating in your vehicle. It’s our job to remove these contaminants and make sure that the cold air blowing throughout your car is as clean and enjoyable as possible.

Don’t sweat through another summer,

Bring your car to Metric Motors.

Don’t sweat through another summer, bring your car to Metric Motors.

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