Automotive Shop Helper

A Metric Motors Auto Shop Helper is responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy facility, driving valued customers to-and-from the facility, inventory management, and assisting technicians in completing work. 

Automotive Lube Technician

Are You Tired of Sitting in a Classroom? Do You Want to Excel at Your Trade and Learn From The Best? Yes? Then You’re in Luck.

It’s true. Top-flight mechanics don’t do well in a classroom, and for good reason. Why pay for a trade school if you could be getting paid while being mentored by the best technicians in the northeast?

Metric Motors is looking for a person who has strong energy, and wants to learn and grow their knowledge about how the automobile works– there is NO automotive experience required. There are no ‘herd leaders’ in this shop; everyone gets along and is willing to help the next person. Every Metric Motors team member is treated as a part of our family.

We Will Make You a Master of the Following (and this is just to start!):

  • Oil and Filter Changes

  • Mounting and Balancing Tires

  • Removing and Replacing Wiper Blades

  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement

  • Bulb Replacement

Automotive Technician (A-Tech)

Are You Under-appreciated and Under-compensated? When You Join the Best, You’re Treated Like the Best.

Metric Motors is seeking an Auto Technician who is quality-driven, genuinely enjoys working on cars, and is able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Here are just some of the reasons why A-Technicians thrive at Metric Motors: 

  • Family-owned and operated — being part of a family
  • Working alongside industry-leading technicians
  • HIGH earning potential
  • Above-industry average pay
  • Best major medical insurance plan
  • Retirement with 8% match
  • $1000 annual tool allowance
  • Paid vacation
  • SIX paid holidays

Automotive Shop Foreman/Manager

Are You a Top-Performing Technician Who Wants to Move Onto the Next Stage of Their Career? If Yes, You’re in Luck.
A Shop Foreman career at Metric Motors offers a unique opportunity to manage and mentor technicians who are in the position you once were, allowing you to assume responsibility through the expertise you’ve worked hard to gain.


Who We’re Looking For

Metric Motors is looking for a quality-driven person with at least 5 years shop experience in order to maintain work quality, a professional atmosphere, and a steady work flow at a high volume. There are no ‘herd leaders’ in this shop; everyone gets along, and is willing to help the next person. Our shop is driven and delegated by you, the shop foreman, not the front-end.

  • Quality-driven
  • Energetic – to lead by example
  • Ability to drive a high pace without being hard to work with
  • Good communicator
  • Able to delegate and mentor technicians to bring them to higher professional levels
  • Integrity; trustworthy
  • Someone who wants to grow & assume higher responsibility

What a Shop Foreman Does at MetricMotors

  • Inspect & test drive all technicians’ work prior to check-out
  • Mentor and teach new technicians to ensure the overall growth of the team
  • Drive company operations through the shop-end
  • Communicate effectively with sales team about needed repairs

Service Advisor

Do You Love Cars? Are you Strong-willed, Convincing, and Determined?

Note: this position does NOT require automotive sales/service experience– we encourage those with a passion for cars and strong persuasion skills to apply.

We Have What Every Salesperson Craves

As a determined salesperson, you want control, responsibility and a challenge. That is a reality here. A salesperson at Metric Motors is surrounded by other professional people, all of whom are working at a very high level. We’re a family-run operation, but don’t let that deceive you. We dominate our industry just as any corporate-run company would, and more-so. We play hard ball, but we do it in an ethical way. This position gives a talented person the ability to excel, achieve work-life balance, and sell an excellent service– all-while receiving a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Our Compensation + Benefits Package

  • Paid vacation after one year of employment
  • Six paid holidays
  • Medical insurance contribution
  • Base salary PLUS commission
  • Retirement planning packages

We Need a Superstar Like You

Nothing happens without a sale. That’s why you, as a salesperson, are critical to our success — not to mention great salespeople are in short supply. Our five-star reputation doesn’t come easily. It requires key players like you to drive our sales volume and exercise your persuasive abilities. People won’t buy from somebody they don’t like and don’t trust. Metric Motors is seeking a person who has what it takes to perform in these areas.

The Metric DNA

Metric Motors is a family-owned company in business for over 40 years. Our culture is like no other, ask anyone. Not only will you be treated like family, but we ensure that there are no politics or herd-leaders present at any time. We are a high-integrity company and operate with strong principles. Every Metric team member, along with our reputation, reflects our DNA.  

As for operations, we work on all makes and models, and offer an fully-inclusive list of services. With a daily average of 50 cars, we work as a team to provide our customers with a superior experience and service value. We are better and faster than anyone else.

Be a Part of our Future

Metric Motors has some big goals for 2019. We will continue to dominate our market by driving sales, and expanding our customer base into new demographic areas. In the process, Metric’s facility is projected to increase in size by 40% in the next couple of years, where we will offer new services and increase the volume of our existing services. We are looking for someone who can drive sales to the next level, providing us with the resources to make these goals happen. Let our future be yours, too.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Are you money-driven?
  2. Do you want to assume responsibility and have your work recognized?
  3. Do you want a work family rather than just coworkers?
  4. Do you want a job that not only financially rewarding, but a job that allows you to use and perfect your strengths alongside other like-minded and driven people?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, let’s talk. This is a job opportunity you will thank yourself for pursuing.

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