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Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by checking your vehicle’s important systems and keeping them running optimally in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Keep Up With Factory Services to Avoid Costly Repairs!

“I take care of my vehicle… I change my oil regularly.”  Sound familiar?

Changing your vehicle’s oil is important, but it preventative maintenance does not stop there. Your vehicle is comprised of a series of systems, all of which require lubrication. By completing routine maintenance, your car is less likely to need massive repairs down the road. Investing in preventative maintenance sure beats spending $1,000 or more on extensive engine repair or some other service that would have otherwise been unnecessary.

Brake Fluid Service

Just like motor oil, brake fluid contains additives that help aid against corrosion and fluid breakdown. Brake fluid is also changed periodically to maintain its level of protection and performance. Another reason brake fluid doesn’t last forever is contamination. Brake fluid absorbs water, and draws moisture from the atmosphere every time it’s exposed to air. Over time, this moisture can rust and corrode the internal metal parts of your brake system.

Power Steering Service

Your Power Steering Fluid Fails BEFORE Your Power Steering Does!

The power steering system will begin to collect contaminants after many years on the road. They may come from parts wearing down or the fluid itself breaking down. A fluid flush is designed to remove these particles from the system. The process involves using a highly effective cleaning agent to remove the slimy old fluid’s residue and then refilling the system with fresh fluid, keeping your power steering system running smoothly. 

Transmission Fluid

Transmission Service

Your Transmission Fluid Fails BEFORE Your Transmission Does!

A transmission flush is a procedure to remove old automatic transmission fluid (ATF), sludge and grime from a vehicle’s transmission and replace it with fresh fluid. The purpose of ATF is to cool and lubricate your automatic transmission. Over time, transmission fluid collects foreign particles that can interfere with these functions — causing your transmission to generate more friction and heat. Eventually these particles can build up into sludge deposits in your transmission and interfere with shifting and acceleration.

Differential Service

Your Differential Fluid Fails BEFORE Your Differential Does!

Differentials work with your transmission to deliver power from your engine to the axle that turns your wheels. Most four-wheel drive vehicles have both front and rear differentials. They’re strong enough to handle the work, but they need to be properly lubricated in order to stay strong. So from time to time, you need to schedule a differential service in Carmel NY at Metric Motors. The old, contaminated differential fluid is drained and replaced with differential fluid that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Coolant Service

Over time, inferior quality coolant/antifreeze can pick up particles from around the engine, causing corrosion which can lead to leaks and other expensive repair jobs. Removing these deposits and restoring the corrosion protection is vital to a safe and fully-functioning cooling system, especially if you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns brought on by overheating, leaks or engine failure. If your coolant is getting old, your car has racked up the miles, or you’ve noticed a change in the color and consistency of the coolant/antifreeze in the reservoir, it’s time to flush the cooling system and replace the old fluid.

Fuel Injection Service

Over time, carbon deposits from burning gas can cause a layer of build-up on your fuel injectors and fuel system. A FIS cleans all the nasty build up and flushes it out of your fuel system.

Think of a Fuel Injection Service as using vinegar and baking soda in the dishwasher to remove grease or going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning to remove tarter. A fuel injection service in Brewster NY will remove the carbon deposits and flush the fuel system to ensure optimal function.

Transfer Case Service

Your Transfer Case Fluid Fails BEFORE Your Transfer Case Does!

Not sure if your car has a transfer case? If you own a 4-wheel or an All-wheel drive vehicle, the answer is yes.

A transfer case directs power to both ends (axles) of the vehicle through two separate driveshafts. Transfer case fluid ensures proper functioning by lubricating the box’s gears, bearings, shafts, and other internal components. Additives in the transfer case fluid eventually breakdown due to heat, friction, pressure and contaminants, leaving the transfer case vulnerable to damage.

Metric Motors will drain the old transfer case fluid and replace it with a specific fluid that we keep in store for you.

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