A.D.A.S. calibration (and recalibration), which stands for ‘Advanced Driver Assist Systems,’ is the precise physical alignment, testing, and electronic aiming of sensors that collect data to inform your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like forward collision warning (FCW)lane departure warning (LDW)automatic emergency braking (AEB), and several others.


LDW: LANE DEPARTURE WARNING: The front windshield camera sensor detecting the lane lines ahead on the road. LDW will alert the driver if the vehicle is about to veer out of the lane. The system will alert the driver to move back into the lane and avoid a collision.  

BSD: BLIND SPOT DETECTION: The mmWave radar sensor on the rear bumper of the vehicle detecting other vehicles approaching the rear of the driver’s vehicle – a common blind spot area. When the driver activates the turn signal, BSD system will alert the driver with an indicator light if there is a vehicle nearby. 

AVM: AROUND VIEW MONITORING: The camera sensors detecting the surrounding environment of the vehicle and the system’s stitching computing on the graphics, the data of the vehicle’s surroundings through a virtual bird’s-eye view will display on the automobile control. AVM assists drivers with parking.

ACC: ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL: The front mmWave radar sensor detecting other vehicles in the front of the driver’s vehicle. The ACC system will adjust the driver’s vehicle speed and maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead based on the present value. The ACC system assists driers with braking if there is an emergency.

RCW: REAR COLLISION WARNING: The rear sensor detecting other vehicles approaching the rear of the driver’s vehicle. Once the driver activates the brakes, the double flashing lights on will alert the vehicles next to if the latter 

NV: NIGHT VISION: The front night vision sensor detecting the front vision of the vehicle. The NV system assists the drivers with seeing a clear vision of the surroundings ahead at night. 

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